Redrock Gallery and Picture Framers is always interested in hearing from artists with a track record of sales.
As a framers gallery Redrock GaPF only charge a 35% commission on sales however unlike dedicated commercial art galleries Redrock GaPF will not provide any promotional material, advertising or host events. We do not maintain a mailing list but we are happy to provide logos in various colourways and photographs of the shop for you to use in your own promotional material.
Generally we are more willing to accept prints packaged for sale (mount, undermount in a poly bag) than originals.
If you are interested in showing your work please get in touch via with the following;
- What is is you do and what you would like to show
- A link to your website
- How much your work usually sells for
Please bear in mind that Redrock Gallery and Picture Framers a commercial operation not a community arts project.  It can be daunting submitting creative work, and just because your work is not right for Redrock GaPF does not mean it isn’t any good or that is not a good fit for another venue.
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