At Redrock we offer a huge section of picture frame mouldings including a range of striking hand finished Italian mouldings and high quality Larson-Juhl mountboards.
Large Frames
The workshop is set up to be able build large frames and stretch large canvases.  The largest frame we have been able to get out of the workshop was a whopping 2 meters by 1.4 meters.  With the machinery in the workshop it possible to cut wooden frame mouldings up to 1.5 meters, although it is possible to go bigger it takes a lot longer.  Aluminium moulding is a great alternative when framing larger artwork as it is lightweight and ridged.  
Box Frames
A great option for float mounted artwork, objects and artwork that lends itself to close framing, we offer a wide range spacers from simple off the shelf painted or paper wrapped wooden spacers through decorative veneers to custom made boxed spacers, finished with a matching, or contrasting mountboard.
The float mounting method used by Redrock GaPF​​​​​​​ is fully reversable and can be scaled for larger works.  This means there is no trade off between getting the look you want and devaluing your artwork by sticking double sided tape all over the back of it.

This image shows an ultra deep back box made to accommodate a collection of sporting memorabilia that included a boxing glove and the internal structures behind each aperture in the mount.   

As well as clothing, covered in more detail in the objects and memorabilia section, we frame needlepoint, cross stitch, crewel, appliqué, batique, embroidery, painted or dyed or woven fabric and sewn or constructed fabric items.
We offer pinning or lacing for stretching for textiles on even weave substrates.  Lacing in particular is quite labour intensive and as such makes up a large proportion of the cost of a framing a needlework.  There are numerous lacing tutorials on YouTube and bringing in a needlework that has already been stretched will be significantly reduce the cost of having it framed.   
It is important that textile art that is brought in to be framed has been washed and pressed beforehand with any running stitches removed.  
Sporting Memorabilia
Below are two examples of framed football shirts.  On the left is multi-aperture mount with green suedette mountboard that really adds depth and texture to the frame.  On the right is a simpler framing scheme with the shirt displayed in a box frame with mountboard and spacers in the teams colours. 
Dry Mounting and Laminating  
We offer hot and cold dry mounting and laminating.   Our Hot Press vacuum press has a working area of 1000mm x 1600mm (39in x 62in) and is suitable for a wide range of media.   Some media will react adversely to heat but can still be dry mounted using pressure activated film.  Our cold dry mounting machine can fit media up to 650mm (25in) wide, the width of a typical poster.
Dry mounting is a non reversible process and not recommended for anything that cannot easily be replaced, but is a cost effective method of mounting posters, commercial art prints and similar media.

Repairs and Renovations
The Fine Art Trade Guild recommend that framed artwork should be inspected annually to check for any signs of degradation.  Damaged hanging hardware or the frame coming apart at the corners should not be ignored as these faults can lead to the picture falling off the wall. 
Signs that the materials used in the frame have decayed to the point they are starting to damage the artwork can be insects, colloquially know as thunderbugs, behind the glazing, the bevel of the mountboard turning brown, the artwork darkening where it meets the mouldboard or the artwork buckling.
The most common repairs are replacing broken glazing and reattaching prints that have become unmoored within the frame.  While the frame is open it can be a good opportunity to do a thorough inspection and replace any components that are past their best, but we will only ever carry out work that you have agreed to.      
When renovating a frame we will typically replace the mountboard, undermount, and backing board.  In some cases we will also replace the glazing and consolidate the corners of the frame.  It is worth noting that while a good clean and a bit of wax filler can bring a tired old frame back to life we are not a specialist frame restorer, but if that’s what you need we can point you in the direction of an expert.
Backing Materials  © Redrock Framing/AFWorthy
Backing Materials © Redrock Framing/AFWorthy
Finishing Wax © Redrock Framing/AFWorthy
Finishing Wax © Redrock Framing/AFWorthy
Sticks of moulding © Redrock Framing/AFWorthy
Sticks of moulding © Redrock Framing/AFWorthy
Guillotine © Redrock Framing/AFWorthy
Guillotine © Redrock Framing/AFWorthy
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