Q. What is the lead time for frame?
A. Our lead time is typically about a calendar month. As a bespoke framer we only keep stocks of general materials such as backing board and glass. Mountboard, mouldings and any more unusual bits are ordered in. Once an order has been placed it goes into the job queue which is worked through in date order. Occasionally faults in materials only become apparent when you start working with them and they may need to be re-ordered. If the job is likely to take significantly longer than expected we will contact
That said, if you are in a hurry we may be able to help.  It is possible to make a frame out of what is available in the workshop.  The wide selection of mouldings and mount board that are normally available will be significantly narrowed to what we have on site, but when something is better than nothing the option is there. 
As with all our frames if we promise it will be finished for a specific date we will do everything in our power to make sure it is ready for when you need it by.   

Q. Do I need an appointment?
A. No, the shop is open from 10 am to 5 pm Tuesday to Saturday, if you bring your artwork with you we will be able to design a framing scheme that will will offer a suitable level of protection for your artwork and show it off to its full potential.

Q. You have framed a large artwork for me, how do I get it home?
A. Market Place, the square the shop is on, is closed to traffic for the market between 10 am and 4 pm on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  On these days it usually takes the market traders until about half past four to pack away their stalls, after that it is possible to drive into the square.  On other days it is possible to bring a car up to the shop.  For larger items if you do not have access to a van, hiring a man with van service is a good option.
On a related note satnavs often send drivers to Partridge Lane which is behind the building the shop is in.  There is no access to the shop from Partridge Lane, the only access is from Market Place.

Q. I have a frame that has been damaged, can you fix it?
A. It depends, replacing broken glazing, reattaching artwork that has come loose, re-stretching a canvas, all these things are straight forward and our workshop is set up to deal with these sorts of jobs.  We are happy to take a look at damaged frames but Redrock GaPF are not specialist conservators and there is a limit to the repair work we are able to carry out. If you are unsure you can email some pictures of the damaged frame to mail@redrockframing.co.uk and we should be able to tell you if it is something we can fix.

Q.  My frame should be ready by now but I haven't heard anything?
A.  Please get in touch by either calling the shop on 01795 530062 during business hours (10 am to 5 pm Tuesday to Saturday) or emailing mail@redrockframing.co.uk as we may have incorrect contact details.  
On occasion projects do take longer than anticipated, machines develope faults and people get ill, items may be out of stock, materials, particularly moulding can have defects that only become apparent once you start working with it and need to be reordered.   If there only going to be a short delay in completing the project we do not contact customers.
Q. How much!!!
A. Bespoke picture framing is not a cheap option. Redrock Gallery and Picture Framers is a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild and its owner is a Guild Certified Framer. This means he has passed a practical and theoretical exam and work is carried out to a strict set of guidelines on materials, acceptable techniques and quality of finish, formulated by the leading experts in the framing industry.  All Redrock GaPF frames are hand made to order in our workshop beneath the shop (a 15th century grade II* listed shop in a pretty market town in the South East of England) using only high quality materials.  Redrock GaPF frames are a quality product made to exacting standards and are priced accordingly.
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