The world is a big place, and to do it justice what you need is a really big map.  This job was to laminate and frame a huge map making sure it was sturdy enough to have pins documenting the clients travels stuck into it.  The map itself was 1300mm x 1000mm, any larger and it would have been too big for our machines.

The stops on the guillotine were almost at full extension. 

You can almost see the curvature of the Earth as the stick of moulding stretches off towards the horizon.

If you think that frame looks bigger than that workbench you'd be right.

And the map is larger than this workbench.

Because the map was so large it wouldn't go through the laminator so the double sided film needed to be applied by hand to an oversized sheet of kraft paper backed foam board.  Reinforceing battons were added, along with saw tooth hangers and cork buffer pads.

The other side of the world.

The finished article.

In the departure lounge.

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