This job was to re-frame a First World War demobilisation certificate.  Here is the completed job.

Here is the certificate in its original frame.

Detail of the original frame

Detail of the back of the original frame.

Inside the original frame

Conservation materials were used throughout this job as it is a historic document of great importance to its owner.  I use Art-Bak Conservation as my backing board as standard, in addition I used gummed linen tape to hang the certificate as it is completely reversible and mounts cut from conservation grade mount board.

Stamped and sealed.

The brief was to replicate the pink mount the certificate had been mounted with originally.  I contrasted this with a dark green double mount to bound the certificate and make the pink really pop.

A traditional dark wood frame with gold sight was appropriate for this job, paired with the very contemporary choice of mount colours it manages to have gravitas without being stuffy. 

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