Photographic print on C-type Kodak Metallic paper in a box frame with clear acrylic spacers.and Artglass AR92 anti- reflective UV protecting glass.
I wanted to make the most of the rich metallic tones of this print so matched it with a subdued bronze frame with simple angular profile.  I thought that using spacers rather than a mount would allow the metallic frame to really complement this attractive and unusual photographic paper.
Because of the depth of acrylic spacer it was necessary to make an extension for the back of the frame which I sprayed matt black.  At this stage the spacers have been cut cut to size.  I went on to paint the inside of the rebate with back acrylic paint, then attached the spacers to the glass.
The extension was attached with pH neutral wood glue and brass excursion pins.  To hold the print in place I cut down some of conservation grade mountboard to size then cut six slots through which I fed tabs of pH neutral white tape.  with a bit of patience was attached squarely and flatly to the board.
The final stage was to make the backing from Art-Back conservation board and seal with framers tape. 
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